Event limited to proposals for Cluster 4 Industry topics in Destination 1 Twin Transition and Destination 2 Resilience

Have your proposal quality checked!

An opportunity to receive in-depth feedback from experienced Horizon evaluators on your proposal draft

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What to expect?

The Full Proposal Check (FPC) event offers Horizon Europe Industry applicants a chance to improve the quality of project proposals based on feedbacks from experienced external experts and National Contact Points (NCPs). The event is organized by the international network of Horizon Europe NCPs NCP4Industry, and the event aims at transferring useful knowledge and increase proposers' chances of being funded. 

If selected, your proposal will be reviewed by 2 expert evaluators. The selected proposers are invited to join an online feedback meeting where you will have the opportunity to hear the opinions and engage in a discussion about your proposal for a maximum of 1h30.

Participation at the event is for the coordinator (i.e. one person, mandatory) plus one representative from a project partner institution (i.e. one optional person, highly recommended to take notes). In exceptional cases, the coordinator may name a proxy to participate. 

The event is free of charge. However, the NCP4Industry network can provide the FPC sessions with external experts to a limited number of proposals. 


Receive in-depth feedback from experienced evaluators on your advanced proposal drafts

Increase your chances

Boost the quality of your project proposal based on relevant early feedback


All participating experts and NCPs will have signed a declaration of confidentiality

Selection of participants

Register and submit your proposal draft via the NCP4Industry Proposal Check website by 14 January 2024. After a completeness check conducted by the National Contact Points, selected proposals will be confirmed to the participants by 17 January the latest.

Important dates:

  • Registration open and proposal drafts can be submitted from 18 December until Sun 14 January 16:00 CET
  • Completeness check and selection of proposals by National Contact Points between 15 and 16 January
  • Communicating to selected participants on 17 January
  • Experts will be allocated on 17 January and review the selected proposal between 17 and 22 January
  • Full Proposal Check sessions with experts will take place between 23 and 26 January 
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Which call topics will be supported?

We welcome advanced proposal drafts for the following call topics:
The NCP4Industry network of National Contact Points is the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in Horizon Europe Cluster 4 – Industry.

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